Our company has adopted the slogan of ine PROTECTING HEALTH PROTECTION ini with its management approach which gives importance to occupational health and beauty and gives priority to quality and customer requirements.

For this purpose; It shall form an occupational health and safety management system in compliance with ohsas 18001 standard and other conditions that may be requested by the personnel, subcontractors, visitors, relevant laws, regulations, regulations, customers, and will reinforce these laws and provisions within its own structure and support them with continuous improvement.

For this purpose;

– Provide ergonomics, healthy and safe work environments by making risk assessments to reduce and eliminate the risk of work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace.

– Provide training to improve occupational health and safety awareness of employees,

– Studies will be carried out to reach the targets set each year, and the objectives and works of the previous year will be reviewed.

– Isg policy, education and announcements will be transferred to all personnel, to be understood by everyone and to work in accordance with the policy, the company’s website, etc. applications and other parties (public, public, sub-installers, visitors) will provide easy access to this policy,
Our company will make an exemplary company in terms of ISG applications, institutions, industrial chambers, associations.
This policy is the responsibility of the top management.