Fadamko’s performance management, goal setting and deployment, target tracking, interim and year-end evaluations, and action and feedback processes. The Performance Management System is carried out online with other Human Resources applications. The aim is to extend the targets determined in line with the Group and company strategies to all levels of management, to manage employees’ performances objectively within the framework of common principles and to achieve the highest level of performance.

The strategic goals of group presidencies and companies are determined in performance management in the first place; then the target level is spreading from the highest level of the companies to the lowest level. The yearly targets of employees are determined by the goal-setting discussion between managers and employees. Realizations of these targets are monitored during the year and corrective measures are taken.

After the end-of-year targets are set, managers perform performance evaluation and feedback meetings with their employees.

With this meeting, the employees’ development planning is determined and the development plans of the employees are determined. In addition, performance results play an active role in determining the future wages of employees.

In general, the Group’s performance management system enables employees to spread their targets, employees’ achievements in the achievement of their goals, and their competencies to be determined, and their individual development is planned.

Awarding sustainable value creation instead of short-term return in performance management is just one of the features that make Dikmen Defense a pioneer.