Quality Management System

In order to provide sustainable service at international standards level, we create, implement and execute effective quality management systems in all processes in our institution,

• Ensuring and executing the necessary conditions by continuously monitoring the effectiveness of the quality management system and by performing the necessary improvements,

• In the products and services we provide; keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,

• Manage customer feedback effectively,

• Being a pioneering and leading organization by going beyond customer needs

• Increase training for continuous development

• Establishing a quality management system that aims to ensure timely deliveries and continuous improvement through the efficient use of resources, eliminating transactions that do not create value

• To ensure the continuous improvement and continuity of quality by following the highest technology

• Establishing a fast and efficient working system by using technological opportunities in corporate communication with suppliers and customers

• To be a national and international brand in the local government sector by working in a team spirit with our employees, suppliers and business partners.

Procedures and policies supporting this policy have been established to ensure the QMS. FADAMKO ALUMINUM METAL LTD. Sti. TOP MANAGEMENT is committed to the realization, review and continuous improvement of the practices related to QMS.