1. Identifying position and posting

Department managers determine job-specific responsibilities, competencies and academic qualifications and other relevant information for a given position. Human Resources creates job vacancies on our website. Candidates apply on the internet and will be notified by e-mail about the receipt of their application.

  1. Pre-selection

Human Resources evaluates applications. Selects profiles that match the requirements of the declared position for the next step.

      3. First interview
Candidates perform their first interviews, video conferencing, phone calls or face-to-face interviews. We also try new technologies to make interviews as easy as possible with candidates worldwide. An example of this is an interview via the Internet: We send you an e-mail invitation for your interviews, where you have questions, record your answers with a computer camera, time and place. In the first interview, we evaluate your experience and competences, as well as your competencies for the job, and we consider your cultural relevance to the organization. We train our recruitment team and all of our employees involved in the recruitment process to select candidates objectively and in accordance with our recruitment principles.

4. Second interview
The candidates who are selected for the final screening are invited for a more detailed interview. In this interview, Human Resources and related managers evaluate the technical competencies required for the job. We will notify you within a reasonable period of time when the interview result is positive or negative.

5. Job offer
When we offered a job, we saw what we saw: Human Resources shall determine the terms and conditions of recruitment. Academic and professional qualifications are verified. Where necessary, compliance checks of candidates are made. After the approval of the candidate, the references given are checked. In cases where a business visa is required or local law is required, the requirements of the work permit and / or the right to work are checked. We offered jobs to successful candidates.

6. Recruitment and employment We will send you a list of documents to the candidates who accept the job offer. During the recruitment process, Dikmen Defense Regulation is given to employees. The Dilmen Defense Charter must be read by the employee and declared to be understood and adhered to. Then the employment contract can be signed.