Fadamko Aluminum Metal Building Systems, aluminum curtain wall systems and aluminum doors since 2009; is designing and producing architectural solutions related to window systems.

Particularly with the experience and expertise gained abroad, the company carries out important projects and progresses in the aluminum curtain wall industry with the principle of doing high quality work instead of very business logic. Aesthetics, economy and functionality in a combination of innovative, high-quality, long-lasting and affordable solutions to customer needs and offers affordable solutions.

The company produces aluminum profileprocessing, composite plate processing and steel processing departments.

Fadamko, with its technical and administrative staff serving approximately 60 people with its manufacturing and installation staff, has been established in the Technology Development Center (Teknokent) of Kırıkkale University with a 30-minute distance to the industrial city and Ankara within the Ministry of Industry and Technology. ge continues its innovative solutions with its architectural and engineer technical staff. In addition, 8000 m2 land area was added to the factory area in Kırıkkale Keskin Organized Industrial Zone and 3000 m2 closed area and 5000 m2 open area.

Never hold limited to goals by Turkey acts with the goal of becoming one of the wanted aluminum curtain wall company in the world market.

Fadamko Aluminum Metal Building Systems will continue to act with the mission of realizing the quality in design and manufacturing in accordance with European standards, keeping the knowledge and experience understanding of all staff to the maximum level and providing support to its customers with the solutions it provides to its customers.


To offer our customers the right combination of quality, service level, innovation and price, to leave a more livable world for future generations with sustainable production methods, to provide a modern and safe working environment for our employees, to try to achieve operational excellence in every dimension of our business ,to make our brand to strengthen.


To be a universal company with international sales networks, which exceeds customer, employee and shareholder expectations, maintains international growth, maintains global culture, adopts respect and communication in every field of business, and develops itself continuously by taking care of R & D activities.